ZEROwait Data Restores

Don’t rely on the Internet for Data Restores.

3.4 GB

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Let’s face it… When you need to restore data, you need it NOW.

A file here and there – that’s easy…

But what happens when you need 100’s of GB’s back? What about TB’s?

How about a situation where you need EVERYTHING back?

Can you afford to wait while it downloads? What happens if the event that took out your datacenter also took out your Internet connection, too?

ZERO1 has a solution – ZEROwait.

ZEROwait is Available in 3 Forms


ZERO1 Backup Client’s Local Backup Option

  • The ZERO1 Backup Client has a built-in option to allow you to maintain local copies of your backups – in addition to writing them offsite to ZERO1.
  • You configure your backupsets to utilize the Local Backup feature and write to customer-provided storage.
  • Local storage options can be in the form of local hard disk, SAN-mounted disk (iSCSI, FC, etc), USB-connected drives, or UNC paths.
  • In the event of data loss, you will be able to restore at LAN/Device speeds.


ZERO1 Portable Device

  • Portable data device options are USB-connected hard drives, NAS devices, or PC’s
  • The device is stored in ZERO1’s Data Center
  • Your nightly backups are replicated to the device daily
  • In an emergency, ZERO1 staff can deliver the device direct to your location in hours (Chicagoland customers only) or express overnight ship.


ZERO1 Replicated Backup Appliance

  • All ZERO1 Backup Appliances self-replicate to a dedicated computer in the ZERO1 Data Center.
  • All local restores occur via your local backup appliance
  • In the event of a disaster, or complete failure/loss of your local appliance, your replicated ZERO1 appliance can be removed from the ZERO1 Data Center and delivered to your facility in hours (Chicagoland only).

ZEROwait: Complete Disaster Recovery

Direct From our Data Center to Yours

High-Speed Restore Devices Delivered to Your Door

For Chicagoland customers, ZERO1 owns and operates its own fleet of vehicles. Additionally, ZERO1 does not use 3rd Party delivery services to transport your media – it will always be in the hands of a ZERO1 employee.

All ZERO1 vehicles and employees are fully insured.

Certificates of Insurance available upon request.