Microsoft Exchange   

  • Brick-level Individual Mailbox Backup

  • Fast multi-thread backup
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Database Hot Backup

  • Supports Database Availability Group (DAG)

  • Local, LAN / WAN backup
  • In-File Delta incremental backup
  • Unlimited retention / versioning

Here at ZERO1, we have the tools and technology to ensure the availability of all Microsoft Exchange data. We bring you Microsoft Exchange backup solutions that can successfully take on the complex task of backing up exchange data. Whether you want to backup Exchange database or individual Exchange emails, you can count on the ZERO1 backup utilities to deliver all the services you need.

When using ZERO1’s Microsoft Exchange Backup Module and Mail-level Backup Module in conjunction with ZERO1’s client-side backup application, backup and restore the whole EDB information store and individual mails of Microsoft Exchange Server can be done easily.