Bring ZERO1 Into Your Datacenter

With the ZERO1 Local Backup Appliance

ZERO1 means ZERO Training

We use Industry-common OS’s and Hardware


All ZERO1 Appliances run Microsoft Windows

You probably already know Windows inside and out…. You staff does, too. Our Appliance will blend seamlessly into your datacenter. If desired, they can also join your local AD domain.


ZERO1 prefers Dell

Our standard hardware platform is Dell. We do not deploy on home-built systems, proprietary, or short-lifecycle platforms. We choose Dell because most every customer we have ever worked with has experience with Dell hardware, and when necessary, we can easily source replacement parts. However, we are happy to work with you and roll out an appliance on your standard hardware platform – provided it meets our specifications. For more information, please contact ZERO1.


ZERO1 Appliance can be configured for any network type

One of the reasons why we run Industry-common OS’s and Hardware is so we can configure your appliance to run on YOUR network. For example, here at ZERO1, the appliance we run in-house has redundant Intel 10Gb NICs teamed via Windows. Whatever your needs might be, provided they are supported by Windows, we can make it happen. Contact ZERO1 for more information.

Contact ZERO1 and ask about YOUR appliance!

Industry Leading Features

Enjoy Complete Piece Of Mind With ZERO1

Multiple OS Support

Windows Server
Windows Desktop

Application Modules

VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL Databases, Lotus Domino / Notes, Windows System, System State and Office 365 Exchange Mailbox.

Amazing Interface

The zero1 Backup Client is easy to install and use. All Application Modules are already present – just activate them as needed!

Bold Security

100% Encrypted
100% of the Time

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