A ZERO1 for Everyone

An appliance for any budget or environment….

Smaller Environments

Dell Enterprise-Class Workstation

These workstations are small, but packed with Enterprise-class features including hardware level RAID, phone-home management to alert ZERO1 of hardware issues, and outstanding industry support.

  • RAID-1 Hardware-level Drive Mirroring
  • Two Expansion Slots for Additional Network Cards
  • Quiet and Energy Efficient Operation
  • Highly Cost Effective

Larger Environments

Dell Enterprise-Class Server

Servers are sized as needed and can accommodate any network card configuration. They come standard with many redundant features including dual power supplies and multiple onboard NIC’s.

  • RAID-1, 5, 6, or 10 Drive Protection
  • Multiple Expansion Slots
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Rack Mountable


The fastest offsite data recovery option available!

The ZERO1 Datacenter

All ZERO1 Appliances self-replicate back to the ZERO1 Datacenter. In the event your appliance becomes unavailable either through hardware or complete site-wide failure, ZERO1 staff can redeliver your data to you on replacement hardware.

You will NOT have to rebuild your backup server. You will NOT have to download your data back over the Internet. We will physically deliver it to your Chicagoland-based location.

And then, you get to restore your data at LAN speeds…. ZEROwait!

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